New Products and Services


How do you develop New Products and Services?

  • How to pivot or add on to your existing products or services
  • How to brainstorm to develop new ideas
  • How to analyse the ideas in a structured way to give maximum chance of success
  • How to design a plan to develop and launch the chosen new product or service

I founded or expanded many of my businesses on new products or services, such as the “double-sided” cricket bat, which appeared on the front pages of The Times and Daily Telegraph on the same day and featured on News at 5.45, Sky Sports, BBC World Service and Radios 1,2 4 and 5.  The “four-sided” bat, butterfly bat (pictured below), multi-coloured cases and combination protective equipment followed.

butbatMy digital marketing business expanded dramatically through the launch of a unique “Pay on Results” pricing model, going from a small three person business to a mid-sized 50 staff agency (pictured below).


Today I can help as a Chairman, Non-Executive Director or Consultant to develop new product or service ideas then analyse them and put together a Strategic Plan and assist with the implementation of the new product/service strategy through in house and/or agency staff.

The benefits are: specialist independent advice, development of a structured new product/service strategy, stakeholder buy in to the plan, and external monitoring and control of implementation.


“Far from being a one-off – these sessions enabled me to move forward in subsequent years with those skills now part of any ongoing planning I do. Priceless.”  Scott Russell, CSF Group plc

“We found John easy to work with and accommodating… We would use John again for any similar projects in the future and as such are comfortable recommending him to others.”  Lisa Porter, Metzger Group

More details on my experience and skills can be found at my LinkedIn profile at

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